Descriptive configuration data for lilac packaging

build_prefix: string , x ∈ { extra-x86_64 (default) , archlinuxcn-x86_64 , multilib , multilib-archlinuxcn }

The prefix of build command to be used. E.g. extra-x86_64, multilib or archlinuxcn-x86_64.

pre_build: string

Name of function to be used as the pre_build function.

post_build: string

Name of function to be used as the post_build function.

post_build_always: string

Name of function to be used as the post_build_always function.

time_limit_hours: number

Time limit in hours. The build will be aborted if it doesn't finish in time. Default is one hour.

repo_depends: []

Packages in the repo to be built and installed before building the current package.


Package (directory) name


Package base (directory) as key and package name as value

update_on: []

Configure how nvchecker should check for updates / rebuilds? The first should check for updates and others for rebuilds.


nvchecker configuration section


Shorthand for simple check sources (e.g. "aur")

maintainers: []

List of maintainers for receiving email notifications


GitHub username with a public email address

github: string

GitHub username and an email address in the form "Name <user@host>". The GitHub public email does not matter.

github: string
email: string